President's Interview


Q.You have held many different positions during your TBS career, including news reporting, corporate planning, sales, and your role as president of BS-TBS. Is there a motto you adhere to regardless of your workplace?

A.I worked as a reporter for the politics and business departments, and I sometimes faced difficult decisions when I was covering stories. At those times I would return to the expression, “Follow your principles and the rules of human behavior.” I always upheld this, no matter what job I was doing, including management. Now I have been entrusted to steer the operations of the TBS Group, and I still “follow my principles and the rules” when I’m considering what course to take.


Q.The TBS Midterm Management Plan 2018 spells out the “establishment of TBS quality.” What does “TBS quality” mean to you?

By quality we mean that our programs and content must satisfy our viewers and users. The two main pillars of TBS quality are: providing an environment in which viewers and users can access our content anywhere, at any time, and on any device; and ensuring that the programs and content we deliver are trustworthy and make a significant contribution to visual media culture.


Q.Do you have a message for people overseas?

Many of you may be watching Ninja Warrior without realizing that it originated as a TBS program called SASUKE. As a leading Japanese media company, TBS will continue to produce excellent content that also appeals to people overseas. We look forward to your continued support.